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52 Week Holidays

Details of holiday dates are available on the Glasgow City Council website:

Return Date for Pupils

14th August 2024

September Weekend

Friday 27th September 2024 +

Monday 30th September 2024 (September weekend Holiday)

First Mid-Term

14th October 2024 to 18th October 2024

Christmas/New Year

Nursery will close at 2.30pm Friday 20th December 2024



2025 Return to School

6th January 2025

Second Mid-Term  

Monday 17th February2025 +

Tuesday 18th February 2025

Spring Holiday

Monday 7thApril 2025 to 21st April 2025

Return to Nursery Tuesday 22nd April 2025

May Day

Monday 5th May 2025 (May Holiday)

May Weekend

Friday 23rd May 2025 + Monday 26th May 2025 (May wkd)

School Close

Wednesday 25th June 2025



Monday 12th + Tuesday 13th August 2024 (In-Service)

Friday 10th October 2024 (In-Service Day)

Wednesday 19th February 2025 (In-Service Day)

Thursday 22nd May 2025 (In-Service Day)