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Parental Partnership

The Learning that has taken place within the family and community is recognised, valued and built upon within the nursery school setting. We seek to work with parents/carers to form a partnership that supports not only the child’s learning and development but also the work of the nursery school and the community. Regular and effective communication will take place throughout the year.

We will:

  • Inform parents/carers regularly of events taking place in nursery
  • Exchange and share information about their child’s progress
  • Tell parents/carers about their child’s achievements
  • Discuss any problems that may arise
  • Develop a professional relationship with parents/carers that reflects the ethos of tolerance and respect
  • Display warmth and courtesy
  • Work together to create a rich learning environment where the learning experiences offered to children are of a high quality
  • Provide curricular information to enable parents/carers to support and extend their children’s learning